Federal, State and Local Authorities Roles
With the development and implementation of the FAA’s Next Gen System, law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels must cooperate on a large scale at multitude of levels. The major areas of cooperation are passenger flow, air cargo flow and mixed-user aircraft de-confliction. The NAS currently handles the flow of a myriad of passengers either traveling through the airspace or landing within the United States.

Passenger flow-
‍The three levels of law enforcement currently do not always share information a passenger’s legal situation (# ref). In some cases a citizen could have an outstanding arrest warrant in a city and be allowed to board an aircraft from one location to another without of fear of punitive damages. Granted the severity of crime dictates the level at which an person of interest’s information is shared, there are ways the multiple agencies and the airlines can work together to build a large database of information sharing to ensure the passenger’s information and intent of travel in known. This would have to be a “top down, bottoms up” approach to information sharing. Agencies such as the FAA and FBI would monitor the whereabouts and travel plans of the passenger. State and local agencies would need the ability to freely share the legal information of all suspected citizens within their jurisdiction. The airline’s role would be to provide travel and monitoring information to the appropriate agencies, allowing the authorities to monitor, intercept or apprehend a suspect. This can conceptually work if all areas of the government work from the same database and levels of information. The concept is massive in scale but is feasible based on the current amount of technology and information processing that exists.

Air cargo-
Much like the passenger information concept, the same applies to air cargo. Technologies such as RFID and GPS monitoring exist to allow users to gain access on information such as local, travel duration and even individual parcel contents (# ref). Integrating the flow of information throughout the various governments and air carriers can provide visibility to flow of illicit items into various jurisdictions. It could also allow agencies to monitor the flow of import and export items to gain a greater resolution to the economic state of the country at the various levels of the governments. The tracking of the flow of cargo currently exists on a large scale, though the integration of the information at various levels is not currently developed at such a grand scale (# ref). The cooperation of the three levels of government could allow the FAA to better monitor the contents of sky cargo as well as provide insight into the geographical economics of areas within the country.

UAV integration-

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