NAS Modernization (NexGen) Over the Next Five Years

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Federal State and Loca l Authorities roles

Al-Romaithi, Shareef
Federal Sector Top Five Priorities (Next 5 years)

Broyhill, Christopher
Top Issues Facing Authorities (Next 5 years)

Buaphiban, Thapanat
Top Issues Facing Local Airports (Next 5 Years)

Cistone, James
Privatizing of the ATC (Next 5 years)

Freiwald, David
Technologica pace for full Implementation by 2030.

Jackson, Donald
Economic supportability for full implemetation by 2030

Townsend, Harold
Considerations for cooperation with international agencies by 2030

Tuccio, Bill
Federal workforce skills adaptions for NexGen implementation

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