Welcome to the‍ Academia Build 2 instruction page.

To participate please follow the two step process and meet each deadline.

‍Step 1: Choose a question and type your name next to it. Deadline: February 11

(There are nine of us in the class, everyone will have one question. If a question is not selected by the deadline, I will assign.)

Academia emerging trends over the next 5 years

  1. Where will the focus be in research, and who will provide the needed leadership? Reef
  2. Will the trend towards an increase in online offerings in aviation continue? Mond Buaphiban
  3. Will the pedagogy continue to move towards the digital field or will a reversal occur? Jim
  4. Will on-line degree programs be viewed as comparable to a “bricks and mortar” degree? Harold Townsend
  5. Will Multi-Crew-Pilot (MPL) training catch on for flight training in the United States? Freiwald

Academia domain in the year 2030

  1. Will there still be FBO’s in the U.S. catering to people interested in learning how to fly on a one-on-one basis? Chris Broyhill
  2. Will the cost to the individual force entities such as the airlines to include initial training as part of their hiring process, as is already the case in Europe and many other parts of the world where aviation services are privatized? Don Jackson
  3. What are examples of needed research that you expect to see in the 2030 time frame and why will it be needed? Bill Tuccio
  4. How can and will research compliment NAS modernization? Scottie Raetzman

Step 2: Post your contribution with references to the discussion board. Deadline: February 20

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